HayesGibson Property Services is based in Bloomington, Indiana.  We strive to consistantly offer our clients best practices in the management of affordable, conventional, and student housing.  Our beginings were with the formation of Lenzy Hayes Incorporated in 1952.

Lenzy Hayes Inc. was founded by Lenzy Hayes in 1952 with several single family residential rentals, mobile homes, commercial convenience stores, and initial multi-family conventional housing. In 1974, Lenzy Hayes Inc. developed and managed HUD senior housing programs. 

In 2002, Carson Hayes and Dr. Gordon Gibson founded Hayes-Gibson International, Inc. to further develop and manage affordable housing communities through HUD, Rural Development, Federal Home Loan Bank, and Low-Income Housing Tax Credit programs. Much of the development has been with not-for-profit organizations addressing the housing needs of special populations of elderly, physically disabled, individuals with mental health and developmental disabilities, and low-income families at risk. This expertise has expanded into the management and consulting of Market-Rate and Condominium housing types and currently totals approximately 7,000 units with services provided in 16 states.

In August 2017 Allied Argenta became partners with Carson Hayes in HayesGibson Property Services.  Gordon still is involved with our firm as a founding member and consultant, but the ownership of HayesGibson consists of  Chuck O'Neal, Carson Hayes, Anthony Jowid, and James Angelica.



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Carson Hayes

President and Founding Member

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Chief Operating Officer

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James Angelica

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Gordon Gibson

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