Development of New Housing

We have extensive experience in working with Not-For-Profit, For Profit, and Limited Profit entities in the development of new housing and have had many successful funding applications under the HUD Section 202 Supportive Housing Program and the HUD Section 811 Supportive Housing Programs. In addition, we have submitted several successful Rural Development 515 and HUD Funding proposals which resulted in construction of affordable housing units for the ownership entity.  We also complete funding applications for the Section 42 Tax Credit Program.

Our extensive experience in community based capital campaigns has resulted in the ability to meet and exceed the funding gap. We stand ready to meet with your organization to help you fulfill your development dreams!


Strategic Planning

Do you have a vision and plan for your organization for the years to come? Do you feel that your organization has become stagnate? Are you looking at growing your business into new markets or endeavors? Let us work with you to develop a strategic plan for your organization. We will look at your current capacities to develop a workable plan and a road map to help you get there.

We understand the importance of policies and procedures and offer specially curated, uniform set of policies that meet the needs of your organization to fully realize your potential.


Development and Training

Our executive leadership team has been involved in providing educational services and board development and training for the past 15 years. We have conducted intensive board member retreats that will help to build board unity, development of purpose, creation of working committees, and planning of long and short-term goals.  

 We will custom fit a training program for your organization, at your property or corporate office, that will cover all aspects of Occupancy Management, Financial Management, Maintenance Management, and Service Delivery. 


Refinancing Consulting Services

As housing communities age, many times, the property is unable to keep up with the physical needs under their current debt load. Reserve for Replacement Accounts are, in many instances, woefully underfunded and, as the property slips into disrepair, this causes vacancy issues and operational cash shortfalls. We have the expertise to work with your organization to develop a detailed plan that will address any physical plant deficiencies, as well as operational cash flows and most importantly provide funding for the Reserve for Replacement Account that will meet the repair needs of your property in the future. Interest rates are at historic lows! Let us work with you to help you realize the full potential of your property utilizing conventional and governmental financing along with grants that may be available in your locale.


Development of Policies and Procedures

For your organization to fully realize its operational potential and to minimize charges of discrimination and litigation; the development and use of a uniform set of Policies and Procedures is critical for your organization. The following are a list of Policies and Procedures we can provide for you and we always custom design the policy for your organization to meet your needs:

•Standard Operating Procedures Manual:  The use of this policy will enable us to train your staff on all facets of project operations. This manual will enable your staff to give the same answers to every situation and thereby limit a charge of discrimination. Each policy is reviewed by legal council prior to implementation and will meet or exceed all applicable HUD, Rural Development and Section 42 Regulations.

•Employee Handbook:  Let us develop a comprehensive policy that will outline employee practices, hiring procedures, staff evaluations, non-discrimination, and sexual harassment, vacation, paid time off, promotion and termination policies and procedures.

•Section 504, ADA, and Fair Housing Policies:  We have worked with many organizations on the development of Needs Studies, Self-Evaluations, Transition Plans, and policy of Reasonable Accommodation. We will tailor fit the policies for you and ensure that it meets the requirements of not only Federal Law but also any particular State Law and Local Housing Code.



Our detail oriented accounting team works every day to provide the most up-to-date and accurate financial information to property owners ensuring that we exceed all expectations in quality of service.

We prepare monthly Financial Statements for each property. Financial Statements and report packages are able to be customized to meet specific reporting requirements of property owners, lenders and other stakeholders.  We pay property operating expenses in a timely, efficient and accurate manner and manage property cash flow to ensure payment priorities are met on time.  All bank accounts are reconciled monthly.

We monitor Debt Service Coverage Ratios and other debt covenants and complete draws from lender-held replacement reserve and capital repair escrows as needed.  In addition, all audit and tax reporting deadlines are met in a timely manner.

Annual budgets are prepared to owner's & regulatory specifications per property.  Care is taken to observe, estimate & control all aspects of spending.  Vendor accounts are closely monitored to ensure we are receiving the best service for the best price on an ongoing basis.  For this purpose, the account managers are in contact with the regional & property managers to take a hand's on approach to ensure the property is making the best use of operating & reserve funds.